A World of Entrepreneurs

Greetings.  According to a new study by Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, the world is becoming even more entrepreneurial as a growing number of people everywhere are taking the initiative to start new companies.  In some places they are doing this as the only way to earn a living, while in other places entrepreneurs are creating businesses around entirely new products, services and solutions that fill a new market need.  And they're even starting new manufacturing companies which seems to run counter to popular perceptions.  In fact, there are now more that 400 million entrepreneurs in 54 countries that were part of the study and in several countries the number of women starting businesses is now equal to the number of men.

We all have the potential to be entrepreneurial, even if we decide to stay in jobs in established companies or organizations.  Because we all have the ability to see new opportunities to deliver greater value to the internal or external customers we serve.  And we all have the ability to take a fresh look at our areas of responsibility and figure out how to do our work smarter, better, faster or just plain differently in ways that achieve a better result.  

By thinking and acting like entrepreneurs.  And in the process becoming one.  In fact, it's the best way to remain relevant in today's fast moving economy.

The world is becoming even more entrepreneurial.  And that's a very good thing.  Because more and people are tapping their unique potential to innovate and create economic value.  It's clearly a bright spot in a world filled with challenges.


We win in business and in life by being more entrepreneurial.  Maybe it's your time to follow your dream.


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