Greetings.  If you're like me and most people watching the Winter Olympics, you probably have one or more of the following questions about the sport of curling:

a.  What the heck are they doing, and why are they doing it?

b.  Who invented curling, and did it start as a pagan fertility ritual?

c.  How heavy are the stones, and can you buy a set at Costco?

d.  What exactly are the people with the brooms doing?

e.  Is there something special about the ice?

f.  What is the typical training regimen for curlers?

g.  What are the most common curling-related injuries?

h.  Is this really a sport?

i.  How do I get to be on an Olympic curling team?

j.  All of the above.  

I've recently become fascinated with curling.  And, if I had more time in this blog, would love to try to answer these questions.  To the untrained eye curling seems a bit odd.  Though it's clear that the participants are really into it.  And I sense that it could be way more popular with a bit of clear and engaging marketing.  After all, curling looks like a sport that a lot of us could actually compete in.  Maybe not at a really high level initially.  But it doesn't seem to require great height, an amazingly well-toned physique, superhuman reflexes, great jumping ability, above average coordination and balance, the need to think and adapt very quickly on your feet, or the ability to anticipate danger.  And, there's no apparent requirement for finding and wearing really sharp clothes.  So it appears to be a sport that, with the proper training and guidance, is accessible to most of us.  And given all of the health and recreational benefits of being involved in sports, curling should warrant greater interest.

So why not spend a bit of time during the days ahead learning more about curling. And, in the process, why not also spend a bit of time thinking about your company or organization and whether your work is clear and accessible to those you serve. Making sure that they understand your game, the obvious and subtle things that make you uniquely valuable, and how they can become more involved.

Curling 2
We win in business and in life by taking the mystery out of what we do and making sure that customers understand the real value we provide in meeting their needs.  Maybe it's time to make what you offer easier to figure out and even more meaningful to the trained and untrained eye. Otherwise, you might find yourself sliding on a patch of thin ice.

Cheers and have a fun and competitive week ahead!

P.S.  The sweeping is done to make the stone travel farther and change its amount of "curl."  Sheer genius for a 500 year-old sport!

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