Noah-isms: “Every Cloud is a Picture”

Greetings.  On a recent walk through our favorite park, Noah and I took a break to admire the clouds.  It was a chilly day but the beautiful mix of a bright blue sky and dramatic stratus (a.k.a., low clouds) made it a real joy to be outside.  And as we watched the clouds move by, Noah remarked in his curious way that:

"Every cloud is a picture."  

"I'd have to agree," I replied, quickly trying to figure out all the pictures that could be seen overhead.  "They can be just about anything," Noah continued, "but you have to use your imagination!"  And for the next few minutes both of us used our imaginations to survey a sky filled with possibilities: 

  • "An owl."
  • "A cheetah."
  • "A lady drinking tea."
  • "A map of Australia, and one of Madagascar."
  • "A smiling swordfish."
  • "A dog eating frozen yogurt."
  • "A Lamborghini."

And a lot of other things that appeared with the slightest change in the wind.  The Lamborghini was, no doubt, the most incredible.  But it was definitely there.  And all it required was a bit of imagination and a ten-year-old's great fascination with this amazing Italian sportscar.  

And then it dawned on me that if the sky was a canvas for our imaginations, why couldn't we create a similar canvas for our companies and organizations?  Why couldn't we begin each year with a bright blue backdrop filled with clouds, and continue by adjusting our eyes just enough to begin transforming our view.  A view that was only limited by our commitment to provide the most compelling value.  Or maybe we could start by taking a walk on a cloudy day and making a list of all the amazing pictures we discovered.  Then take that list and use it as a starting point for re-imagining the products, services, and solutions that would really matter to the customers we choose to serve.

A quiet walk, a sky filled with clouds, and a new call to unlock our genius.

Noah Cloud 2
We reach our full potential in life and business when we take the time to notice everything around us, and in doing so to let our imaginations take hold.  Maybe it's time for you to rediscover your genius by finding pictures in the clouds and possibilities in your everyday world.